"This is the kind of medicine I practice with my patients, and I am excited to share your blog and culinary journey with people who are trying a plant based diet for the first time. You two do a great job showing how delightful this way of living can be. Cheers, Deneb Bates, ND"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Huge Vegan Menu at Yard House!!

We just found out that The Yard House (chain restaurant in several states) has a huge vagan menu!! They use the Gardein brand, which is our favorite meat substitute. We ordered yummy spicy wings and an asian rice bowl. The burger was ok. We will definitely be back! And a shout out to the best server ever, Jacki!

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  1. It is a vegetarian section, not vegan. Very few of the items are vegan. We weren't very impressed when we went.

  2. Good point! The server was very on top of things, though, and pointed out the items that were vegan. For example, the wings on the menu are friend and there is some kind of dairy or eggs (can't remember) in the batter. But the chef customized our wings and gave us a Gardein chicken breast cut up, grilled, and covered with the firecracker sauce.

    We've actually been back since that first trip and definitely the best item on the menu is the Asian rice bowl. I would say the other vegan options are okay. However, still a good restaurant to keep on the list if you have omnivore friends.